Worship & Music Clothing Drive

Thank you for your donations!  
      Since 2012 you have donated 11-TONS

 Start your cleaning...collection from April 30 through May 21

Drop-off items in the "Yellow" Sunday School Room OR
    leave them in the hall near the outside exits

Seasons are changing - Time to clean out and Bless someone else with your excess.

Coordinated Biannually in the Spring and the Fall.

Nothing is shredded or cut into industrial rags.

Allow your rarely worn items to Bless someone else.  And it's more than only clothing! 

Searching those closets, drawers, attic, and basement! Do you have clothing that is still in good condition? Shoes that are gently worn? Blankets and sheets that are not the color you want?

Ask your neighbors if they have anything to contribute!

Begin now and collect your items in a plastic bag or garbage bag.  Make sure your bags are well-tied before dropping them off at the church.

The donations will be weighed and St John's UCC Laurys Station will be given a monetary donation for the poundage.  All wearable clothing is shipped out for people to wear.

We contract with "Fashion Republic," a small company founded in 1999 that specializes in processing used clothing and shipping it to people in need.  The clothing is shipped to Poland, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Liberia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Kenya.  The clothing is then sold at local markets and thrift stores at low, affordable prices.

Items Collected:

Clothing and Shoes    
    Usable and wearable clothing (ALL Seasons - Mens, Ladies, Childrens)
    Pocketbooks Belts Baby Accessories  
    Backpacks Hats Scarves  
    Briefcases Gloves Ties  
Household Items - Must be made of FABRIC and in Good Condition
    Blankets Fabric Kitchen Accessories Fabric Bath Accessories                 
    Bed Sheets Table Cloths Towels & Wash Cloths  
    Bedspreads Dish Towels Bath Rugs  
    Pillows Curtains Fabric Shower Curtains  
    Soft Toys:  Stuffed Animals, Rag Dolls, Beanie Babies
    Hard Toys:  Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Action Figures, Dolls
          NOTE:  Hard toys should fit into a box 24" x 24" x 21"

Coordinated by the Worship and Music Committee

Clothing Drive Poster