Vanco GivePlus+ Church Phone App

Same company we've been using for many years to
process our Monthly EFT Transfers

Android Phones: Google Play
Apple Phones: App Store

  1. Search for GivePlus+ Church app, Install, the Open
    Give Plus
  2. Find our church (St Johns UCC Laurys) to get started

    1. Search Zip Code: 18059
    2. Search Church Name: St Johns UCC Laurys
    3. Click on it
  3. Create Account (if you are a first-time user)

    1. Enter you name
    2. Enter email address
    3. Create a password (at least 8 characters and at least 1 upper case and 1 number)
    4. Confirm password. (must be an exact match)
    5. Click Submit
  4. Login to App

    1. Enter email and password
    2. Click Sign In 
  5. Add Donation Type

    1. Click on yellow circle at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Choose General, Mortgage, OCWM and other “Special Offering” that is offered
    3. Choose frequency
    4. Choose date
    5. Choose amount
    6. Click Next (This will show your transaction)

      NOTE: To give additional donation to one of the other funds, click on the yellow circle again and choose another option. Follow the same procedure as you just completed in Step-5.
  6. Enter Payment Information

    1. Once all donations are entered, click the arrow, at the right top corner of your phone, to enter your account payment information
    2. Choose Payment Type
      1. Checking or Savings
        1. Enter bank routing number and account number
        2. Enter your name and address information
        3. Click Next to finish the transaction
          This account and customer information will be saved for future transactions
      2. Debit or Credit Card
        1. Enter Card Number
        2. Enter CVV (3 digit number on back of card)
        3. Enter expiration month and year
        4. Enter Name as it appears on the card and the card billing address
          This account and customer information will be saved for future transactions
  7. Confimation of Payment

    1. Review the information that shows your contribution
    2. Consider checking the box that asks you to consider covering the transaction fees involved in processing your donation.
      Bank accounts have a 1% fee
      Credit/Debit cards have a 2.75% fee
      If you check the box it automatically adds that amount to your total amount.
          (i.e. Using a Bank account, $50 with 1% fee = $50.50;
                        Credit/Debit card, $50 with a 2.75% fee = $51.38.
      c. Press the Donate Now button to complete the transaction.
      d. You will see a Thank You and a Confirmation number that confirms your transaction was completed.
  8. A receipt will be emailed to the address you entered in Step-3.