Giving by Text - GivePlus Quick Guide

Currently ALL Text Donations go to the General Fund

1. Get Started
Enter your 10-digit GivePlus Text number:
and the amount you wish to donate.
Press send.

TextGive 1

2. Register
You will receive a registration link.
A. Click the link
B. Enter your contact and payment information
C. Tap “Process.”

TextGive 2a

3. Give
After registration is complete, you will receive a verification text as well as a receipt via email.

TextGive 3


4. Repeat
For future giving:
Simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically.TextGive 4



Confirmation and Responses

Registration Link: Sent via text the first time a donation is made. "Thank you! Please visit (link) to register."

Donation Confirm: Sent via text each time a donation is made Thank you for your $(amount) donation. Text refund to cancel this donation, edit to update your profile, halt to permanently disable text giving,

Keywords (not case sensitive)

Assist or #Assist: Sends instructions to the donor via text.
Response: To donate via text, send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign. For example: $10. Text #edit to update your profile or #halt to permanently disable text giving.

Edit or #Edit: Allows donors to edit their name, payment method, address, and email. Once the edit keyword is sent, they will receive link.
Response: To manage your profile, go to (link)

Halt or #Halt: Allows donors to permanently disable Give by Text. At this time, they cannot re-enroll once they’ve opted out.
Response: Text to give to (Church Name) for this phone has been permanently disabled

Refund or #Refund: Donors can send this message to refund or cancel a donation they’ve submitted and we will direct them to call the church.
Response: To request a refund of your donation, please call (Church Name) at (Church Phone #)

Funds or #Funds: Donors can send this message to receive a list of the Church’s Give by Text Funds.

Error Messages

Unable to Recognize Amount: We could not determine the amount you wish to give. Please ensure you’re using $xx or $xx.xx as the format. For example: $50.00. Text assist for help.

Failed Transaction: Your $(amount) donation to (Church Name) has failed. Please contact your card issuer for assistance.

Registration Link Expired: This registration link has expired, please send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign to start over.

Unrecognizable Message: We’re sorry, we didn’t understand your request. Text assist if you need help.

Misc. Errors: I’m sorry, we are unable to process your donation. Please call (Church Name) at Church Phone #) for assistance.

Registration Link Issue: I’m sorry, we were unable to process your request. Please send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign to try again.