Virtual St. John’s Greeting Video

Hello St. John’s United Church of Christ Laurys Station congregation. We miss you all! We are glad we can worship virtually with you, but we miss seeing your faces and smiles. We miss our passing the peace and the hugs. So, with that being said, we have come up with an idea on how we can feel closer to each other. We invite each of you to participate in a presentation, power point, video plan that we are working on to be able to at least see that you are doing well. It will be a very simple process for you, and we are working on having someone compile everything for your viewing pleasure.

What we would ask of you is the following:

    1. Reply to the church office via text, email, or phone if you want to participate by May 24.
    2. After we receive your willingness to be involved, we will work on a plan to involve all of those people in the video.
    3. When we firm up the plan, we will distribute to you what we would like you to do.
        1. Film your family doing the part you are given.
        2. Send the video to the church office.
        3. If you don’t have capabilities of doing a video and/or sending to the church, we will send someone to your doorstep…social distancing taken into consideration…and we will film you.

This will only be about 5-10 second clip that will be included so we can see as many of you as possible. We will play it in church during one of the virtual services, have it on the church website, and play again in church once we are all back together in worship at our church. 

So please help us to create a piece that will help us all stay in touch with each other because you are our church family, and we care about you!