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Founded in 1986, Family Promise is a national interfaith hospitality network that provides services and support to homeless children and their families while they are temporarily homeless. Instead of living in a shelter where the family is separated, Family Promise keeps the family together and assists them during their time of homelessness to provide the support, love and care to help and encourage the families to get back on their feet.

We're thrilled that St. John’s UCC Laurys Station will provide ministry as a part of team of 14 Host Congregations, 6 Support Congregations and numerous sponsors in the Lehigh Valley to host families at our church on a given week. Hosting a family means we will provide a safe and loving environment for up to four families who are temporarily homeless.  The Family Promise Network Program provides lodging, meals, and support services to families without a home through several basic components:

  • The hosting of families will rotate weekly among the host congregations in the network.
  • Each host congregation will provide lodging, three meals a day, and caring hospitality three to four times a year.
  • During the day, children will be provided transportation to school, while parents or guardians work.
  • Guests will use a designated day center where they will receive support services with the aid of professional social workers.  These social workers will help provide the families with assistance in finding housing, jobs, day care for little ones, as well as showering and laundry facilities.


    At the end of the day, the families will return to that week’s home congregation where they will eat dinner provided by the congregation and spend the evening hours with congregation volunteers.
  • Host Family Volunteers become involved by offering services such as cooking and serving meals, playing with children, helping with homework, or interacting with guests while showing respect and compassion, and providing a temporary safe haven during a difficult time of transition for a family.

On average, 74% of the families gain long-term housing in the program,
in nine weeks.


Did you know that in Lehigh County?

  • 41% of homeless families consist of one adult and one child.
  • 60% of homeless people are children.
  • 40 – 50% of homeless children are under the age of 5.
  • In 2015 there were 875 identified homeless students in Lehigh County Schools.
  • In Lehigh County, Sixth Street Shelter is the only program available that will take intact homeless families with children. The waiting list for the shelter is currently 160 families.
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