Gift Card Fundraiser Program to Support Church Mortgage

All proceeds go toward St. John's Monthly Mortgage Payment
Since 2012 OVER $10,000 has been raised

The gift cards are the same cards you would purchase at the store.

Scrip cards are gift cards that St. John's buys at slightly less than face value and sells at face value. The difference between the two is how we earn money. 

  • Many Gift Cards in stock for immediate sale
        On sale in Fellowship Hall after Worship
  • Special Orders placed the first week of each month
        Payment must be made when placing special orders.
        Checks made payable to St John's UCC Sunday School  

Contact Beth Sloan or Priscilla Vassallo for more information

 REMEMBER Gift Cards for:

  • Groceries/Meals & Baking
  • Restaurants you frequent
  • The Hi-Way Family Restaurant in Laurys Station
  • Clothing/Shoe Shopping
  • Pet Food/Supplies
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Birthday/Anniversary/Retirement Gifts
  • Party Supplies
  • Amazon & VISA Gift Cards are versatile to have on hand
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Christmas Gifts
 Complete List of Participating Retailers  
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