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Building and Property

Meets the Third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm in Room ?; plus work sessions as needed

Mission Statement:  The Building and Property Team provides and maintains an attractive and inviting place for worship, fellowship, and other activities.

Responsibilities: Assist other teams with their projects and events; Monitor the duties of the church sexton; Repair and maintain the buildings; Maintain the grounds surrounding the building; Prepare recommendations to Church Council about major projects; and, Complete an annual review of the Sexton.


Christian Education

Meets the Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Room ?

Mission Statement: The Christian Education Team supports the church’s broader mission by providing welcoming and nurturing learning environments to educate children and adults into a personal relationship with God at St. John’s and the greater United Church of Christ.

Responsibilities: Encourage a life-long faith journey; Practice the lessons of service and stewardship within the church and abroad; Plan and implement a comprehensive Christian Education program; Conduct an annual Vacation Bible School; Present special programs, Rally Day, Advent Workshop, and the Children’s Christmas Program.

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Concert Series

Mission Statement: The Concert Series Team showcases the church’s legacy and love of music and communicates creation’s natural beauty through this performing art. It promotes fellowship in the church and increased awareness in the community by obtaining diverse musical genres to share their gifts throughout the year in our concert series.

Responsibilities: Oversees, plans, and organizes concert series events; Obtains diverse musical genres.



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Meets the Third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in Room ?

Mission Statement: The Finance Team works with other teams to manage all financial resources of the church.

Responsibilities: Prepare and present the annual budget; Prepare and present monthly and annual financial reports; Monitor contributions and expenses; Monitor investments; and, Monitor non-budgeted designated funds.



Mission Statement: The Historical Team compiles and maintains historical data and artifacts of the church and community for the benefit of our present and future members.

Responsibilities: Conduct historical research related to St. John’s and the surrounding communities; Document church and congregational history; Document all historical records and events; and, Maintain a repository for historical items.



Meets the Fourth Thursday of January, April, July, and October at
7:00 pm in Room ?

Mission Statement: The Kitchen Team organizes and maintains kitchen facilities in order to ensure that foods prepared for events at St. John’s are safe and of high quality.

Responsibilities: Monitor all consumable and non-consumable kitchen supplies, plan and serve meals and refreshments for special occasions.


Memebership and Evangelism

Mission Statement: The Membership and Evangelism Team monitors membership and strives to increase the number of active members and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Responsibilities: Conduct outreach programs to new residents and visitors, reach out to members to encourage discipleship, develop membership goals, monitor church attendance, and review membership lists annually.



Meets on the third Wednesday of every other month at 7:30 pm in Room ?.  If you sense the call of God to serve in this way, please join us!

In 2007, St. John's formed a Team on Missions to address our desire to share Christ's love in tangible ways to those in need in our community and beyond. Last spring and summer, church members cultivated a vegetable garden behind the church. The fruits of that labor were shared with our refugee family and a local food bank. In addition, our "Angel Fund" provides relief for families in crisis, determined by the discretion of the team. We also meet each Thursday evening at the Allentown Public Library to tutor members of our refugee family.

Mission Statement: The Mission Team works with the congregation to assist those in need through service and donations.

Responsibilities: Encourage giving and contributing to those in need; Sponsor local food pantry through food collection; Provide resources for recycling of batteries; Maintain the Rev. Dr. John Tisdale scholarship fund; Sponsor a child from the Philippines; Sponsor and guide a family now in the US; Interpret the work of the wider UCC by publicizing special offerings and inviting mission visitors; Connect the congregation with local mission agencies such as The Lehigh  Conference of Churches and Second Harvest; Connect the congregation with local UCC affiliated groups, such as Bethany Children’s Home; Support the Angel Fund.


Pastor/Parish Relations

Mission Statement: The Pastor Parish Relations Team serves as a liaison to foster a positive relationship between our Pastor and the congregation.

Responsibilities: Discuss any concerns or conflicts within our congregation with our Pastor; Assist the Pastor in finding a resolution to any matters of conflict; Make recommendations that the Pastor may find helpful in becoming a more effective spiritual leader; Maintain a sense of strict confidence in all matters; Complete an annual review of the Pastor.


Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement: The Policies and Procedures Team reviews, updates, and maintains the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for St. John’s.

Responsibilities: Ensure revisions to the Constitution and/or Bylaws are documented correctly for presentation to the Congregation; Ensure revisions to Policies are documented correctly for presentation to Church Council for adoption; Work with teams and groups to document procedures, guidelines, letters, forms, etc. to ensure they are easily understood.



Meets the Third Wednesday every other month at 7:00 pm in Room ?

Mission Statement: The Safety Team strives to insure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations to provide a safe environment for our members and their guests.

Responsibilities: Continue to enable the congregation to become more safety conscious through announcements, practice sessions, and discussion of safety issues and concerns of the staff and congregation; Increase awareness of safety practices and issues and instill a “safety first” attitude to insure a safe environment; Investigate any accidents or incidents.


Social Outreach

Meets the Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in Room ?

Mission Statement: The Social Outreach Team seeks to spread God’s word and build fellowship by reaching out to members and the community through social events.

Responsibilities: Implement social outreach programs and activities; Organize the annual Feed Our Sheep program; Provide cards or gifts to be delivered to shut-ins, nursing home members, etc.; Conduct annual social fundraisers; Maintain an active prayer chain; Facilitate the Helping Hands program; Sponsor events such as basket social, church birthday party, and church picnic; Adopt a family or families in need at Christmas; Share actively with the Laurys Station community through the annual Laurys Station Community Day.


Special Gifts Fund

Mission Statement: The Special Gifts Fund Team administers the Special Gifts Fund in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the first amendment to the Constitution of St. John’s United Church of Christ, Laurys Station.

Responsibilities: Promote the Special Gifts Fund; Administer and manage the Fund.



Meets the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Room 106

The Stewardship Team’s primary responsibility is to help the members of St. John’s become faithful and bold givers to God’s ministry in our community and around the world. Members are empowered to give their time, talents and treasures so that St. John’s can be responsive to its internal needs as well as the needs of those ministries in our community that God calls us to support. Through annual pledge drives, Stewardship moments, education and limited fundraising, Stewardship at St. John’s is more than just giving: it is living a disciplined life that is worthy of God’s calling to use in this world at this time.

Mission Statement: The Stewardship Team encourages and educates all members to share the time, talents, and treasures God has entrusted them, so members may strengthen their relationships with God and His call to wider mission.

Responsibilities: Guide members to understand the concept and responsibilities involved in being effective caretakers of God’s gracious gifts; guide and create a spiritually enriching environment of discipleship; provide, encourage, and celebrate ample opportunities for members to share their time, talents, and treasurers; and administer the annual Stewardship Pledge Campaign.



Mission Statement: The Technology Team endeavors to promote the use of existing, new, and emerging technologies to assist and enhance the operation and programs of St. John’s.

Responsibilities: Maintain technologies, including technology vendors; Research possible uses of new and emerging technologies; Prepare and/or review proposals relating to the use of new technologies; and Make recommendations to the Church Council about technology use at St. John’s.


Worship and Music

While embracing the traditions of our past, the Worship & Music Team rejoices in reaching toward the future. The service of worship involves younger and older members with thoughtful meditations on the Word of God, dramatic interpretations of the scriptures and children's messages to help shape our lives. The variety of musical styles in our church appeals to all who join us with wonderful singing from a congregation that makes a joyful noise and excellent musical leadership from the musical director and the choir using various instruments at times in worship.

Mission Statement: The Worship and Music Team exists to glorify God and enhance the worship experience at St. John’s.

Responsibilities: Advises Pastor and Director of Music on worship service times and formats; Assists in planning for special events such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Prayer Vigils, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Harvest Home, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas; Works with the Pastor and Director of Music to regularly evaluate worship and music performances; Maintains the chancel vestments and candles; Coordinates greeters, scripture readers, acolytes, and projection system operators; Coordinates flower purchases for Sundays and special flower offerings; Oversees any major purchase for the music program; Evaluates the Director of Music.


Youth Group

Responsibilities: Promote growth in spirituality, social relationships, and leadership qualities of the youth of St. John’s; Address contemporary social issues; Annual Youth Event; Participation in fundraisers, trips, and outings.

All activities and Service Projects are available to any youth that is in grade 5 or above.

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