"For there is nothing that God cannot do!"
Luke 1:37

A Vision for St. John's UCC, Laurys Station

Unanimously approved by the congration
on Sunday, April 6, 2008

Outreach and Mission
St. John's will respond to God's call by serving the congregation and the community. That mission will be ongoing and evolving and allow members to find ways to give their time and talents.

Financial Giving
The members of St. John's will be faithful, enthusiastic, and generous Stewards, whose focus on giving fully supports the needs of the church and its wider mission.

Active Membership
Membership at St. John's will be active, growing and more diverse, with people coming from many walks of life. This will encourage personal connections to others and their calling from God. The Spirit will stir members of St. John's to actively participate, using talents from all people to share the call to God's mission and Word.

Worship and Music
Worship and music at St. John's will continue to grow stronger, with a variety of content and style that will unify, engage and inspire the congregation to follow and share God's Word.

The warmth of St. John's will inspire a spirit of welcome and compassion within and outside the church walls.

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